In KGD, We aim to provide up to date skillset, marketing, digital and project trainings for all our agents by our leaders. All leaders will share their expertises across and hence, provide an all round sharing where we achieve more together. Agents will be spoilt for choices for training in sectors or expertises where their individual traits and talents align.


Tips of pitching a good teleconference sales

How to call potentials to score an appointment or viewing

Identifying a good unit with Feng Shui

The basic understanding on Feng Shui and how to communicate with buyers using Feng Shui

Your Say : Objections handling

Learn on how to object handle clients rejections

Your say : Closing with emotions

Learn on how to close buyers with emotions and the urgency of closing a unit

Landed 101

Understanding the different types of landed; Terrace, Semi-D, Bungalow, GCB, townhouse, Strata landed and more

Leasing Mastery : Engaging tenants effectively

How to engage tenants effectively and be able to connect with them for a potential rent / purchase

Leasing Mastery : Engaging landlords effectively

How to engage landlords effectively and be able to connect with them for a potential businesses

Staging at its Best!

How to use staging with different companies to doll up your unit and why it is important

Shophouse overviewed : Heritage & Non Heritage

Understanding on Shophouses – Commercial / Residential / Conservational

Decoupling made easy at your fingertips

With the ABSD, buyers are torn in between on how to buy a house for passive income. How to better advise clients on what fits them. To do or not decouple, whichever make sense

Financial Calculation

How to do financial calculation for buyers. Cash / CPF / Loan / etc.

The art of follow up

Understanding how to follow up with existing buyers to be able to make friends with them and give them your trust

Kickstart in resale

Briefing on how to start doing Resale. FSBO / FRBO / Flyers and how to better do GTA. Identify open listings etc.

Kickstart in projects

Briefing on how to get into the project marketing Arena – Hypers and / or Taggers


The new norm digital night

Teaches how to use the digital way to close buyers / tenants with zoom or whatsapp

Website creation with a presence

How do leverage on tools online / wordpress / Wix / Google site to create an online presence

Social media marketing made easy

How to use Social media, Instagram / Facebook to advertise yourself and get greater exposure

Setup successful FB campaigns

How to use Facebook to setup campaigns and generate leads

Google PPC

How to use Google PPC to setup campaigns to generate leads

WhatsApp Business for maximum exposure

Learn the usage of Whatsapp Business and leverage on the functions to ace your business

Perfecting the Huttons App

Understanding the Huttons Application (HIP) as well as the Huttons Everyday CRM and maximising the use of the app for a greater experience

Videography at its best : DIY professional property videos

How to use an iPhone to take good photos and videos and using an application to make a nice video

Digitisation image with editing using Canva

How to use Canva / Photoshop to enhance your picture to make it more outstanding


Kickstart in project marketing

Briefing on how to get into the project marketing Arena – Hypers and/or Taggers

Weekend fun @ different projects

Selling points of the project

AOS: Singapore immigration scheme & family office schemes

Legal topic on some immigration schemes and different kind of family office schemes that buyers can consider setting up for buying properties

AOS: Turn your house into a haven

An introduction to interior designing and how to up-sell a house with using a 3D drawing or redrawn floor plan


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Sales is where our income set in. Therefore, the most important structure which KGD focuses and concentrates on, is to give the best to our agents and our clients.

In KGD, we have numerous sales systems to help our agents, targeting different sectors as well as different types of property. Once you are on board, we will have a one to one discussion with you, on your preference of the district; you would like to target and focus on. You will also be invited to different talks and meetings to discover more. Thereafter, you can also have a discussion with the sector leader on your preferred district and the aspect you wish to focus on.

Huttons specialises in New Launch Projects. If you are interested in being an expert in this field, hands-on training will be provided. You are also welcome to join any of the projects we are marketing, as core team members or a hyper closer.