Melissa Chio

Melissa Chio

+65 9617 8811

Melissa started out in Real Estate after she graduated over 20 years ago. She has always been passionate about helping her clients find their dream home. She is self-driven and positive. Also, she believes that one should not “wait to buy property” but “buy property and wait”. “Your investment could not go wrong in land scarce Singapore” she would exclaim. With her easygoing and cheerful character, her clients will all end up becoming her friends and she has been with them for over 10 years as their preferred agent.

She started her own agency in 1998 after being with a few different agencies. With the experience of running her own agency, she then decided to join a big agency as she aspires to learn more and explore more in depth into residential properties. She started her GTA Team in both District 22 and District 19 where she has transacted more than 200 units. Furthermore, Melissa’s knowledge on HDB as well as CPF policies gained lots of trust from her clients. She then began training her own team of agents specialising in their preferred estate.

Melissa also enjoys working with people and when her clients multiply their assets, she gets her greatest satisfaction. Her other goal is to make sure her agents grow stronger each day, focusing on their Sales and being happy in their personal life. To summarise the above, Melissa is a great believer at planning for her team. “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail’’ is what she believes in. Till now, all her agents love her as a family and they travel together very often to bond and have great memories.

“I love Huttons because of the culture and the trust among peers. We are like a family as Love is all around”, this reason had kept Melissa in Huttons for many years. She specialises in her GTA at District 9, 10, 11 on both resale and new launches. To add on, she is good at financial planning and she is constantly working with her clients on their asset progression.

Lately, she has also taken up the role of a Project-In-Charge role in her specialised district.
She believes in “everything happens for a good reason” and hopes that her clients, agents, friends and family members will all lead to the happiness path.