Gina Lim

Gina Lim

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Gina began her real estate career in 2008 with DTZ Debenham Tie Leung. As a new agent, she wasn’t sure how to start as her upline is not giving her any support or guiding her what to do. She idled for about 6 months and finally realised that time should not be wasted like that. After asking around, she started on GTA resale, mainly focusing on Caribbean at Keppel Bay and developments in Sentosa. Her first sale and rental deal was sealed on the same day and after that, many closings were transacted in her GTA. 

She was first introduced to selling new launch properties only after 3 years in her real estate career. She started off doing developments such as Flamingo Valley as well as 8 @ Woodleigh. She was told by her team members to do roadshows as well as hyping to get her clients. It was really not easy as she had to stand in the hot sun, looking for a buyer. Eventually, she had several closings in Flamingo Valley and during the VIP preview of 8 @ Woodleigh, she managed to close 7 units on the first day. 

Realising that new launches is for her, she thought of different ways to generate leads to get clients for the new launches. Eventually, she joined Huttons Real Estate Group, a champion company focusing on new launches in Singapore. Still not knowing how to get leads, she went around asking the experts and discovered that some got many leads from internet marketing.

Gina started designing her own website, PropertySales.SG and learned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for about 3 years, she finally began to receive leads from direct buyers. She was overwhelmed and started closing deals with these buyers she got online. At the same time, she learned about PPC marketing (Pay-per-Click / Google Adwords) as well as Facebook marketing. Gina topped the charts since 2014 and she has also made many good friends in the company. Within her division KGD, which stands for Knowledge . Growth . Distinction, she made more friends during the incentive trips, bonding and sharing sessions.

Gina is a strong believer of sharing her knowledge and guiding colleagues whenever she is needed. She also believes that a real estate salesperson should join the right company and the right division as not all teams will share or guide their downlines. She has wasted many months idling and not knowing what to do every time she joins a new company. She is indeed a selfless leader as she knows how difficult it is for an agent to start on the right track without a helping hand. Above all, if you are thinking of making real estate your career or if you are keen to know how digital marketing works, please feel free to contact Gina for a chat. Let us make it happen together.